Passionate and dedicated football coach with a distinguished record of nurturing and refining goalkeeping talent, driving success across various levels of the game. International Football coach with overseas experience in Romania, and Serbia. During my tenure at TEVERSAL FC in England, I honed my leadership abilities, leading the team to unprecedented achievements through strategic training programs. Utilized   VEO/HUDL, I conducted performance analysis. My role as a Goalkeeping Coach at GKICON in England allowed me to deepen my expertise in catering to the unique training requirements of goalkeepers. By imparting technical prowess, tactical intelligence, and effective communication skills, I empowered goalkeepers to thrive under pressure, significantly contributing to the team’s overall success.

I am dedicated to shaping the future of football by nurturing talent and fostering excellence, one goalkeeper at a time. Previously, at WORKSOP TOWN FC & MANSFIELD TOWN FC in England, I specialized in the holistic development of goalkeepers within the academy framework. Created customized training programs and individualized support.  With an unwavering commitment to player development and an enduring passion for the beautiful game. 


Does your club or goalkeeper coach sit down to talk about the strategies of our specialist position? Strategies

GKOne Goalkeeper Academy offers a comprehensive program tailored specifically to the needs of goalkeepers. By focusing solely on the goalkeeper position, we can provide specialized training, theory work, and support what might be lacking in a typical club setting where the goalkeeper’s needs might be overlooked. Discussing strategies, distribution decisions and set piece setups, which are all crucial aspects of goalkeeper development that require focused attention. By addressing these areas, GKOne Goalkeeper Academy will prioritize not just the physical skills but also the tactical understanding and decision-making abilities of our goalkeepers. Having a structured program like GKOne’s can help goalkeepers develop faster and more effectively by providing them with the necessary guidance, resources, and support to minimize errors and maximize performance.


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